hello, Beirut!

Introducing DiGen Art

JAN - MAR 2024

The exhibition “hello, Beirut!” draws its name from the iconic ‘hello, World!’ program, a basic code found in various programming languages, often used as a first lesson in computer science.

“hello, Beirut!” is DiGen Art’s inaugural exhibition, introducing the first gallery in Lebanon to champion digital art.

The featured artworks are sourced from the DiGen Collection (DGC), our private art fund that invests in digital art based on cultural, historical, aesthetic, and technical significance.

Spanning from the 1970s to the present, the collection includes established and emerging artists and genres. You will find works by computer art pioneer Vera MOLNÁR (b.1924), creative coding innovator Casey REAS (b.1972), and discover new art forms enabled by AI, such as post-photography.

Our space hosts an extensive library for all things digital art and an interactive installation with a guidebook to the text-to-image AI software Midjourney. Through these resources, visitors are encouraged to experience AI art creation and learn more about digital art.

In our increasingly digital world, a new art scene is unfolding as a powerful mirror of our time, prompting profound questions about humanity, creativity, and consciousness. Our growing community welcomes art enthusiasts to join us at this turning point in history and help shape the future of this art movement.