David Bowe

We are passionate supporters of digital art in the Middle East, collecting, curating, and promoting exceptional artwork.

Our flagship gallery in Beirut, Lebanon, hosts exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and hackathons.

Our fund invests in pieces based on cultural, historical, aesthetic, and technical significance, supporting artists and contributing to the growing value of the digital art market.

We are particularly proud to represent Middle Eastern digital artists and to provide them with a reliable platform to showcase their talent to the world.

Mission: Our core mission is to champion creative coders from the MENA region and propel them to international recognition. With access to a solid and diverse network of artists, institutions, and collectors, we foster and facilitate for the MENA communities of digital creators. We foster the – enablers/ facilitators/ patrons

Vision: Broaden access to generative art and education on latest developments in the art + tech world on an international scale. Our vision aligns with blockchain’s philosophy in terms of democratisation of knowledge. We want to provide direct and open access to everyone.